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Chronicles of Freddy Anderson book 3.

Epic Adventures 2

Freddy is still in the clutches of the alien kidnappers. His love gets kidnapped and viciously taken away. She is in a deadly trap, and only a miracle can save her.

Humans are now at war with a race that is looking to destroy everything in its path and Earth is directly in the way. 

It’s a hard life when you’re a super genius capable of many things, including using your mind in ways that others only dream of. Freddy Anderson used that ability working to save the world from a world ending disaster. However, the human race is now at war. Aliens have attacked and captured many of our top people including Freddy Anderson and are headed back to their home world. They are trying to extract from his mind information that will help them understand how the humans destroyed their greatest ship and how to annihilate the entire human race.

Short Stories 2

Writing Excellence

Samantha Altera Woodcutter is just one of hundreds journeying to Farnorth, a walled city they hope will protect them from an evil dragon that is burning farmlands and murdering the innocent. When she runs into trouble with mercenaries along the way, Samantha slays a dragon as revenge for killing her family. Her unforgiving journey has just begun. In this continuing fantasy tale, a beautiful half-demon, half-dragon sets out on a quest to avenge the death of her family where she quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems.

The aliens continue to search Freddy’s mind to find out how he destroyed their greatest ship. The world finds out about the Earth-destroying disaster that is about to happen and panics, and Freddy finds out that the disaster was not what he thought; it’s worse. Freddy starts the world on a course that will either spiral out of control or rescue the human race from itself. Will Freddy succeed? Time will tell. If he doesn’t, life as you know it will never be the same.

Short Stories 1

Charles, born a crown prince, is the black sheep of the royal family. Through punishments, that include mostly extra time on the training
grounds being beaten by both staff and sword masters, Charles becomes
a master himself. As he exhibits signs of extreme intelligence, Charles is led on a dangerous and painful journey to places only the gods know and understand. While he fights demons—undead and worse—to obtain
his heart’s desire, Charles makes one necessary decision that destroys 
his life, causes his exile from his beloved country, and prompts praise 
as a hero. But what no one knows is that at age fourteen, he is now more powerful and deadly than anyone ever anticipated.

In the days of Dragons and Magic, Demons and Undead, Elves and Pixies there were times when man was not the best of creatures. Sometimes the good did not outnumber the bad and nothing was as 
it seemed. Then again, is this not true of every age on every planet?

 Book two describes some of the issues with living in a world
of magic. In most stories, there is good and evil. Only you
can determine which is which. It depends on which way your
tendencies lean.

At this time I have one book at the editors:

1. Book 4 in the Chronicles of Freddy Anderson is in process of being writen.

2. Book 3 in the Epic Series is at the editor and due out in December 2020.

Sword and Sorcery is about fighters, wizards, rogues, clerics, adventuring parties, and adventure. It was written to help readers picture in their minds the type of adventurer one might have met in a time when dragons were flying overhead and every turn could provide a deadly surprise. Each type of adventurer is at a specific point in his life, some just beginning and some very powerful. This book was written for children everywhere, be they age ten or one hundred.

Chronicles of Freddy Anderson book 1.

Chronicles of Freddy Anderson book 2.